Our Annual Open-Air Reading Series

Putting a spotlight on the next generation of Québec playwrights!

Infinithéâtre is proud to have hosted our Park 'N Play 2022 event back in October. Park 'N Play is our open air-reading series featuring the winning plays of our playwriting competition for youth, The-Write-Stuff. Québec-based playwrights aged 12-18 are asked to submit a short play for a chance to win a 500$ cash prize as well as a professional staged reading at the event.

Our Park 'N Play 2022 cast included:
∞ Chris Cavener
∞ Riel Reddick-Stevens
∞ Dakota Jamal Wellman
∞ Sarah Talbot

With live music by Sarah Hurley

A short synopsis of our 2022 plays:

Dabble In Lemony by Ainsley Murphy is a fun and suspenseful short play, with a bit of a film noir aesthetic. It follows Willie, who was hired off the streets to supposedly test the food at a fancy restaurant owned by Salvatore Ricci, head of the Ricci family and leader of organized crime in New York.

by Kate Collins shows a young woman’s unfair police interrogation, after having been sexually assaulted at a party.

Around the World and On the Screen by Talya Chepchirchir gives audiences a glimpse into the life of a young director who is trying to write a script and make it in New York, despite severe writer’s block.

Operation : Family Troubles by 5 students from St-George's High School is a comedic piece with a twist, about a family discovering, during a nice dinner out, that their oldest, Lola, is pregnant.

Stay tuned for our The-Write-Stuff 2023 competition!
Details will be posted here.

Park 'N Play 2022

Blame (by Kate Collins) directed by Chelsea Dab

Around the World and On the Screen (by Talya Chepchirchir) directed by Chelsea Dab

Dabble In Lemony (by Ainsley Murphy) directed by Zach Fraser

Operation Family Troubles (by the students from St-George's High School) directed by Zach Fraser

Congrats to all those who submitted their plays to The-Write-Stuff 2022!

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