The Pipeline 2018

Written by WOQ! 1st Place Winner and more
Directed by La Crème de la Crème of Montréal Directors
Infinithéâtre proudly presents The Pipeline, our annual public reading series of plays that are in coming down our development pipeline. Audience feedback takes centre stage as Infinithéâtre invites the public to catch the excitement and share their views on plays that we are considering for production in future seasons. The winning play of our Write-On-Q! playwriting competition is always featured in this readings series.

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Nov 30th - Dec 2nd, 2018

Infinitheatre - The Pipeline

Write On-Q! draws in submissions from first-time playwrights, students and from established writers including Québec's most celebrated playwrights. For Infinithéâtre’s Artistic Director, Guy Sprung, The Pipeline reading series has become a vital step in the process of developing new plays and making programming choices for Infinithéâtre's upcoming seasons.

Friday Nov. 30th at 7pm -QWF Playwriting Prize Winner (Sponsored by Gabriel Safdie in conjunction with Infinithéâtre)
Paradise Lost, by Erin Shields
With: Jillian Haris, Meagan Schroeder, Alexandra Petrachuk, Gabriel Schultz, Diana Fajrajsl, Dakota Wellman and Eric Davis.
Directed by: Shawn Campbell
The 17th century and present day are seamlessly intertwined as Satan vents to an audience about her frustration at being cast out of heaven and her thoughts on oppression.

Saturday Dec. 1st at 7pm- Write on Q! 2nd Place Winner
Chained Woman by Lorne Svarc
With: Alex Poch Goldin, Michelle Heisler, Janis Kirshner, Jonah Carson, Joanna Caplan and Nir Guzinski
Directed by: Ellen David
Sarah Kandelshein is an ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman. When her abusive husband refuses to grant her a religious divorce, she must choose between her freedom and her faith – that is until a “gangster” rabbi offers his services to help “change
Sunday Dec. 2nd at 2pm - Write on Q! 1st Place "The Kevin" Kevin Tierney Winner
Make Up by Alex Poch Goldin
With: Al Goulem, Howard Rosenstein, Lucinda Davis, Leni Parker and Manouchka Elinor
Directed by: Eda Holmes
Make Up is about the pursuit of happiness. When are we happy with what we have and why doesn’t it ever last. Often, it is only after we have lost the thing we most value that we realize how happy it actually made us.

"Audience reaction is absolutely key to this event. Where else can Montréalers participate in the creative process as we continue to produce relevant, Québécois theatre?"
- Guy Sprung

Fri, Sat & Sun 7pm-2pm

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