Each year, Infinithéâtre organizes a Québec playwriting competition, with a submission deadline of the first Tuesday after Labour Day. Infinithéâtre receives many innovative and exciting new plays from a lot of talented playwrights across Québec and a jury of professionals decide on the top three scripts. The winner receives the the Kevin Award of $5,000, named after Infinithéâtre board member and great supporter, Kevin Tierney.

The winning script, as well as two or three additional plays, comprise the line-up of our annual reading series, The Pipeline, which is an animated weekend of free public play readings. After each Pipeline reading, Infinithéâtre takes its cue from the audience at talk-backs involving the actors and the playwright. These discussions provide valuable feedback for future programming and script rewrites.

2021 WRITE-ON-Q! DEADLINE: Tuesday September 7th 2021. We look forward to reading your play! Don't hesitate to call (514) 987-1774 or email if you have any questions!


Vierge by Rachel Mutombo

Praise for Vierge from the Write-On-Q! Jury:

"There's an abundance of heart and humour in Rachel Mutombo's Vierge, where four blossoming teenage girls, try to navigate between the expectations of their community and the more liberal values of their adopted home, Quebec. The play exposes the hierarchical status that exists amongst new immigrants who have come to Canada at different stages of their lives, while also delving into the issues of young female lust and those in power who might take advantage of it. Perhaps, most admirable, is how the author never prejudges her characters, leaving the audience to think for themselves and come up with their own conclusions. One of the most exciting original voices to come out of Canadian theatre in many years."

The Jury would also like to give an honourable mention to Alex Poch-Goldin's play The Trial of William Shakespeare, and Arthur Holden's Beloved.

The jury for the 2020 Write-On-Q! playwriting competition was chaired by Andrea Romaldi, and comprised of Oren Safdie, Gerry Lipnowski, Ivan Smith, Jacob Margaret Archer, and Alexandra Laferrière.

Read the full Press Release: (PDF here)



Plays developed by Infinithéâtre have been performed in and around Montreal, Stratford (ON), New York, Tokyo, Cairo, Toronto and in Ottawa at the NAC!
Some past successes include:

Conversion by Alyson Grant, premiered with Infinithéâtre February 2018.
Honesty Rents by the Hour by Michael Milech, Directed by Matt Jacobs, premiered in 2016 in the Montréal Fringe Festival, won Best English Text and was remounted with Infinithéâtre in 2017.
Progress! by Alyson Grant, premiered with Infinithéâtre October 2015.
Unseamly by Oren Safdie, premiered with Infinithéâtre February 2014.
Trench Patterns by Alyson Grant, premiered with Infinithéâtre 2012.
The Elephant Song by Nicholas Billon premiered at the Stratford Festival.
GAS by Jason Maghanoy premiered with Infinithéâtre in 2008, was remounted in Toronto (2009) and later translated for a 2010 Japanese production in Tokyo.
Blessed Are They by Bruce M. Smith premiered with Infinithéâtre and won two MECCAs (Montreal English Critics Circle Awards) in 2009 for Best Production and Best Actor.
Rabbit Rabbit by Amy Lee Lavoie tied for the 2010 MECCA - Best Text. Ms. Lavoie won the esteemed Revelation MECCA that year as well.
Father land by Arthur Holden, winner in 2008, premiered with Infinithéâtre in 2010.